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Marius Küpper, MSc
Heilpraktiker - Integrative Gestalt Therapy

+49 30 857 50 252
kontakt (at) heldengestalt (dot) de
Welcome to my Gestalt therapy practice.
If you're looking for support in a difficult phase of your life, want to take time for yourself and your personal development or want to clear up fundamental issues in your life, I am happy to support you.

To do this, we will first make an appointment for a preliminary session. In this session we will get to know each other, talk about everything you want support for, clarify open questions and decide together whether we would like to start a therapeutic process.

For appointments and questions, you can reach me on +49 30 857 50 252.
A 50-minute session costs €60, the preliminary session €30.

I currently have free capacity for new clients. Appointments at short notice are usually also possible.
Sessions are available in German and English - in the practice and online. Sitzungen sind auf deutsch und englisch möglich - in der Praxis und online.

What is Gestalt Therapy?
Gestalt therapy is a humanistic, psychotherapeutic method for providing support in challenging life situations, for clarifying inner issues, conflicts and difficulties and for personal growth.

What exactly can you expect in a session?
We usually start with how you are feeling at the moment and what is going on inside you. Perhaps there is a specific topic that you would like to look at more closely or you are dealing with a specific or vague feeling. Together, we explore the issue or feeling to create a new awareness that can support you and help you move forward. I mainly address your cognitive and emotional experience and your physical sensations are also included in order to initiate a creative and healing process.

Is one-to-one support valuable for you?
If you are looking for support in a difficult situation or want to deal with yourself and your inner growth process, one-to-one gestalt-therapeutic support can be highly valuable and healing for you. Especially if you want to promote your inner growth and find out who you can still be, what you still have within you or if you are currently going through a process of change, gestalt therapy can help. I support you in going one step further, in taking time for yourself to initiate a process that is sometimes not possible without support in everyday life. Individual support offers you the opportunity to explore which parts of yourself you are not (currently) living. You have the great opportunity to rediscover these unlived parts of yourself and integrate them into your life. This integration can be healing and enable you to live a life that feels more content and fulfilled.

For whom are individual sessions not suitable?
The intensive focus of yourself and your inner process requires a stable basis from which growth is possible. If this basis is missing, it is important to restore it before you take further steps towards exploration and growth. This can be the case with various mental or physical illnesses, especially schizophrenia or recurring psychoses. In these situations, it usually makes sense to first seek help in the form of outpatient or inpatient psychiatric support. If you are unsure, please contact me so that we can find out together whether individual support is feasible.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch.